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The potential of biogas in the two provinces where EEP Indonesia is implemented, Riau and Central Kalimantan, is frequently said to be abundant especially from biomass and cattle manure. But bringing from statistic to implementation is a different story. Our EEP project implementers have initiated various projects in biogas development area after the EEP Indonesia programme have been initiated in 2011.

Addressing the potentials and the needs

Biogas projects are one of the main focuses of the EEP Indonesia programme. From the total of 20 projects which are currently under implementation, 8 projects are dealing with direct production of biogas from biomass as well as manure. Most of the projects are located in rural area beyond the reach of electricity grid. In addition, the poor road access has also made the supply of cleaner cooking fuel such as LPG even more challenging. The EEP biogas project addressed this issue by providing alternative energy that is already available in their own backyards.


The projects are targeting the local communities (especially households who haven’t got any access to clean technology and mostly still using three stone stove with woods as main fuels), community establishment such as local boarding school, women group as well as local industries (sago factory, palm oil factory, etc).  In total the numbers of beneficiaries are still limited compared with total households and establishments in the targeted provinces; however these projects are expected to be a trigger and thus infecting others to develop similar projects in the regions.

Biogas Project Activities by EEP Indonesia

Solar Energy for Maya Schools in Belize

On Wednesday September 5th, 2012 the Ya’axche Conservation Trust Inaugurated two projects entitled “Renewable Energy for Education and Livelihoods in the Maya Golden Landscape” at the Golden Stream Government School and Indian Creek Primary School.