What do we do?

The Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) programs support wider access to modern energy services and promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in program countries. The programs provide grants for developing, piloting and scaling up inclusive business models and provide seed money for the preparatory phases of sustainable energy investments. The programs run in Central America, the Andean region, Southern and Eastern Africa, Mekong region and Indonesia. They aim at increasing access to sustainable energy for all through improved climate sustainability.

Results from projects

Video: Biogas digester in Vietnam

30.08.2012 09:41

The video showcases market introduction of the medium-scale plug-flow biogas digester in Vietnam, which is one of the projects funded by EEP Mekong.

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Energy for better living conditions in Nicaragua

12.07.2012 11:09

The project for the synchronization of a Small hydro power station located in Bocay, Nicaragua, with the grid of the Municipality of El Cua’s and the national grid, allows the provision of electricity to the residents of the Village Ayapal. The project ensures that more than 1,000 households will be supplied with electrical power in the Village of Apayal in Nicaragua, who are expecting to receive electrical service for the very first time.


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Apply for funding

The EEP programs fund pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies as well as pilot and demonstration activities.  The grants are allocated on the basis of competitive Calls for Proposals, which are launched 1-2 times per year at the websites of the regional programs. The programs are open to public and private entities, research institutions, universities, and civil society organisations. Read more

Why invest?

By funding the preparatory phases of renewable energy and energy efficiency investment projects, ranging from small to medium-scale, the EEP programs are building a strong pipeline of bankable projects. The project developers are actively seeking for investors to help with the replication and up-scaling of successful business models to enable the participating businesses to secure long-term investment finance and business continuity. Read more



05.08.2013 07:09

The potential of biogas in the two provinces where EEP Indonesia is implemented, Riau and Central Kalimantan, is frequently said to be abundant especially from biomass and cattle manure. But bringing from statistic to implementation is a different story. Our EEP project implementers have initiated various projects in biogas development area after the EEP Indonesia… Read more

EEP Mekong Third Regional Forum

26.10.2012 08:53

EEP Mekong is organising its third annual regional forum to be held on the 20th November 2012 at Melia Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.  

Solar Energy for Maya Schools in Belize

17.10.2012 14:27

On Wednesday September 5th, 2012 the Ya’axche Conservation Trust Inaugurated two projects entitled “Renewable Energy for Education and Livelihoods in the Maya Golden Landscape” at the Golden Stream Government School and Indian Creek Primary School.  

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